LIHEAP helps California campaign

Under the President's budget proposal for 2018, LIHEAP is slated for elimination. LIHEAP is a vital source of assistance for low-income households. Even fully funded, program resources are insufficient to meet the needs of all eligible households. The proposed cuts would only make matters worse. See how you can take action to stop the elimination of LIHEAP at

Liheap & Doe wap weatherization

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program (DOE WAP) are funded by the California Department of Community Services and Development (CSD).

Cost Free Services

May include water heater blankets, low flow showerhead, door weather-stripping, attic insulation, caulking, duct testing & sealing, refrigerator replacement, minor home repair, energy education, and heating and cooling repair or replacement.

Eligibility Guidelines

Household Size Monthly Income
1 $2,091.92
2 $2,735.58
3 $3,379.25
4 $4,022.92
5 $4,666.58
6 $5,310.25
7 $5,430.94
8 $5,551.63
9 $5,672.31
10 $5,793.00