Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP)

The LIEEP program is funded by Redding Electric Utility to help income-qualified customers upgrade their homes with energy efficiency measures. The program is open to REU customers including homeowners and renters in single family, multi-family and mobile homes. The program is offered at no cost to income-qualified customers.

Cost Free Services

The LIEEP program offers many types of measures including the following:

Air Conditioning Efficiency Measures
   - Air Conditioning Efficiency Measures
   - Efficient fan motors and controllers
   - Coil cleaning and refrigerant charge
   - WiFi enabled smart thermostat
   - Duct sealing
Hot Water Measures
   - Hot water flow restrictors
   - Low flow showerheads
   - Water heater blankets
Lighting and Plug Load
   - LED lighting
   - LED night lights
   - Efficient power strips
Building Electrification

Eligibility Requirements

The program is open to City of Redding customers that are income qualified and may demonstrate that they are qualified in many different ways including the following:

  • o   Households that are currently enrolled or meet the income guidelines (see below) for the Residential Energy Discount programs are eligible for the LIEEP program.
    Residential Energy Discount
    Maximum Income Guidelines (60% of Shasta County median family income)
    Household Size Monthly Income Yearly Income
    1 $2,475 $29,700
    2 $2,828 $33,930
    3 $3,183 $38,190
    4 $3,535 $42,420
    5 $3,818 $45,810
    6 $4,100 $49,200
    7 $4,383 $52,590
    8 $4,665 $55,980
    * Add $4,230 per year for each additional person in the household.

  • o   Households that are currently participating in CSD’s LIHEAP or WAP programs are automatically eligible.

  • o   Households that are currently participating in the PG&E Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) program are automatically eligible.

For more information or to sign up for the program please contact us at (530)378-6900 option 0.
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