Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP)

Redding Electric Utility (REU), in partnership with the local Self Help Home Improvement Project (SHHIP), the California Department of Community Services and Development, and PG&E, received City Council approval August 15, 2017 for its new Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP). REU anticipates the new program will be available for customers to apply within 30 days.

LIEEP will provide income-qualified owners and renters with a variety of measures designed to increase energy efficiency in their homes. This may include ceiling fans, smart thermostats, ceiling insulation, LED lights, plug load controllers, refrigerators, duct upgrades, window replacements, as well as many other energy saving measures. The new program is also a local job creator; SHHIP will hire two full-time installers to fulfill REU’s new LIEEP program.

REU has earmarked $2 million to the program, which will be funded by the sale of excess emissions allowances allocated to REU as part of the state’s cap-and-trade regulations designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

REU estimates customers will save on average 925 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year ($141.34/year at REU’s current kWh charge - $0.1528/kWh). “This new program will benefit our lower-income customers by reducing their energy use and their energy bills; by contracting with SHHIP, we will be able to reach more customers, achieve more savings and accomplish the work faster”, said Dan Beans, REU Interim Utility Director.

Please check back as we will be updating the site with eligibility requirements in the coming weeks.