Self-Help Rehab

The Self-Help Rehab Program is funded by the USDA Rural Development and/or the USDA Housing Preservation Grant. Loans and Grants are provided to make repairs on homes located in the designated rural areas.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Residence must reside in rural areas, cannot go into the city of Redding and cannot go into mobile home parks.
  • Must the own home and have lived there more than a year.
  • Must be able to supply labor for work to be performed on the project.
  • If over the age of 62 applicants can also apply for a $7500 grant when funds are available.
  • Must meet income qualifications listed below.

Monthly Income cannot exceed*
Household Size Shasta   Tehema
1 - 4 $2,458   $2,454
5 - 8 $3,245   $3,241
*Income guidelines are based off of your gross monthly income calculated before taxes.

Service Information

Homeowners must be able to supply labor. Technical assistance is provided by SHHIP. Services include but are not limited to, roofing, plumbing, electrical, interior and exterior repairs or improvements, and handicap required remodeling.